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* Move executable to separate dir.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-272-0/+0
* Move more functionality to lib.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-262-6/+14
* Begin moving core functionality to lib.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-262-14/+32
* Change link representation again, make it a plain map.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-261-5/+3
* Print links to sources for the marks.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-261-1/+9
* Use serde_derive to deserialize primstav data into a struct.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-261-14/+26
* One more test case for capitalize().Harald Eilertsen2018-12-261-0/+1
* capitalize() would fail if first char were not ascii.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-261-2/+11
* Add Norwegian Nynorsk locale.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-251-0/+6
* Fetch locale from program environment.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-251-1/+13
* Add locale::get() and make EN default locale.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-252-1/+6
* Add a simplistic locale module.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-252-1/+47
* Replace Inflector crate with homebrewed capitalize function.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-251-4/+10
* First commit, working but incomplete.Harald Eilertsen2018-12-251-0/+62